7 Mysteries of Existence

What it means to exist is something man has debated since the dawn of original thought – so we ain’t gonna solve it in a ten minute Youtube video.

How did the universe begin? What was there before it? Has something always existed? If not, why did everything we’ve come to know suddenly spring into existence? Physicists and cosmologists believe the idea of pure nothingness is considered unstable – as the empty space between Britney Spears’s ears so clearly proves – but according to quantum mechanics, the idea of something being created from nothing does make sense.

The two most well-known infinite universe theories argue that either our universe stretches out for infinity in every direction, or that it becomes infinite by virtue of the existence of parallel universes.

Does our universe seem eerily comfortable to you? Is it not a little suspicious that we exist within the exact conditions needed to harbour life? Are we really living inside a giant simulation?

Betcha didn’t think Strange Mysteries was gonna get this heavy when we’ve spent the past month talking about giant colons, Donald Trump and extremely long ass-hair. So brace yourselves everyone, because we’re somehow about to piss off almost the entire world with one simple statement. Atheists and religious people – you are both wrong. Let’s explain why.

I choose to eat a grilled cheese because I’m hungry, I choose to play Pokemon Go in my underwear all day because I have nowhere to be and I like to scare children on the park – but did I make these decisions myself, or were they made for me?

Many psychological studies have shown that the older you are, the faster you perceive time to be. Why is this? Well the proportionality theory claims that a year feels faster when you’re in your 30’s because it’s only one thirtieth of your existence, as opposed to one fifth of your lifetime if you were five years old.

We know that after death our physical bodies degrade and return to the Earth, unless you die in a really cool rocket explosion on your way to Jupiter, but what about our minds? What happens to human consciousness?

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