25 Most Puzzling Mysteries Of The Universe

The Universe is full of mysteries and unexplained phenomenons. It’s sheer size alone is a mystery. What is the universe? According to Wikipedia, it is all of time and space and its contents. It includes planets, stars, galaxies, the contents of intergalactic space, the smallest subatomic particles, and all matter and energy. A pretty standard answer and probably a disappointing one to many. If you search a little deeper, however, you will find that science has some mind-blowing answers to this seemingly simple mysteries.

Consider for a moment some of the theories out there: Science claims among other things that the universe could be a an illusion, a computer program, or even a bubble. Of course, the questions that derive from such claims are as many as the stars (if we knew how many start existed): Where did I come from? Where do I go? How much time do I have left? What’s the purpose of being here? All these questions may sound like queries for a philosopher to unravel, but if you are seeking a more scientific response, you might be end up with a huge question mark. These are 25 Most Puzzling Mysteries of The Universe.

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